Star Trek Discovery – Episode 4 Review (The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for The Lamb’s Cry)

I feel that Star Trek Discovery has really found its stride in episode 4. This is real classic Star Trek, but updated with modern TV sensibilities. Episode 4 explores the theme of monsters, specifically, the question of understanding that often the monster isn’t a monster at all. This is done with a literal alien creature, but it also a metaphor for the feelings Michael Burnham is having about her own mistakes. Do they make her a monster?

The story takes us back into the action of the Klingon war, yet it isn’t really a war story. At heart, it’s about exploration and discovery. I begin to see how the writers are using the war as a backdrop, but continuing the Trek spirit of exploring strange new worlds and new civilisations.

This is Star Trek with consequences, and those consequences will continue long beyond the end of the episode. This is Star Trek with deaths. We are very slowly being introduced to the crew of the ship, and you’re never quite sure who will live and who will die.

Regarding dialog, the most “trekie talk” is coming from Stamets and Burnham. This makes sense because they’re both scientists. Other characters have much more relatable dialog which grounds the show for those who are not long-time Trek fans. The characters all have an edge though. Stamets is the scientist who is cheesed off that his research has been co-opted for military application, which leads to some near insubordinate confrontations with Captain Lorca.

Cadet Tilly continues to be an endearing character. She’s still a little unsure of herself, but you can see she is aware of her personal flaws and is actively working toward overcoming them.

We get to see a fair bit of Klingon Drama this time around. These scenes serve to remind us that war is two-sided.

I believe Discovery is very much accomplishing what it sets out to do – to create a show that feels every bit Star Trek, but also feels like a modern TV drama. Can’t wait for next week.

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