Krypton Trailer is Here

The first trailer has released for the upcoming DCEU show Krypton, and I’m excited. I’ve been waiting for any nugget of news regarding this show since it was first announced. Let’s take a look.

Some interesting things jump out at me from this trailer. First of all, Seg-El knows he will someday have a grandson named Kal-El. Is there perhaps a strict naming convention on Kyrpton, whereby he can predict the name of his grandson? (Given Kal-El was born naturally, rather than through the usual means, Jor-El may not have honoured such a tradition.) He also seems to know that Krypton will one day be destroyed. Is he among the first to discover Krypton’s impending doom? Or perhaps there’s something else at play here. Time travel or some form of ability to see the future?

We see the Henry-Cavil Superman logo, plus a key that looks very much like that seen in Man of Steel, further reinforcing that this show will be set in DCEU. Writer David S. Goyer has all but said this, but it’s exciting to see something visual.

I loved the movie Man of Steel. The portrayal of Krypton at the beginning of the film was epic, and I’m looking forward to seeing the world more deeply explored on TV with great anticipation. My one remaining question is, how will I get to see this. Hopefully an Australian licensing deal with be struck with Netflix or Stan. In any case, I’m sure there will be Blu-Ray discs eventually, and I’ll be lining up to get mine.

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