Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Bulletin January 2017


G’day. I’m Adam David Collings, and this is the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy bulletin for January 2017.

Kerry Neitz has re-released his novel Mask. This edition is expanded and Improved, and is considered the “Author’s Preferred Text” version.

And Neitz has joined fellow Christian author Steve Rzasa in penning a novel set in the Takamo universe, based on the popular RPG game. Kerry’s novel Rhats follows the adventure of a rat-like alien abducted from his home and forced to work with smugglers.

Mythic Orbits, an anthology of some of the best fantasy and science fiction by Christian Authors was released on New Year’s Eve. The collection has received some impressive endorsements. Tosca Lee says of the book: “A collection of brief, delightful departures–and a few welcome chills. A truly enjoyable and impressive anthology.” Kathy Tyres says “This collection presents a satisfying spectrum of storytellers, some familiar and others new on the scene. Some of the tales are unsettling and some are comforting; many are thought- provoking. Enjoy the ride.”

Untold Podcast has started a Patreon campaign. With 27 hours of speculative fiction behind them, they are taking things to the next level. Funds raised through the campaign will purchase new software, allowing the team to work more efficiently, and allow them to pay their artists according to industry standards. You can support the Untold Podcast on I’ll leave a direct link to the campaign in the description below.

Stone Table books – new fantasy imprint by Morning Star Publishing was launched last month in Adelaide, South Australia. Their publication list for 2017 will include a mixture of established fantasy writers, new authors and classic fantasy reprints

Revelation Games, a Christian indie game studio have announced their up-coming video game Rise of the King. Rise of the King is a third-person action-adventure game with survival elements, set within a medieval fantasy world. You will have to survive as you travel across the dangerous lands on your journey to find answers as you investigate the disappearance of a missing child. You will explore a sweeping storyline filled with unique characters and meaningful interactions along your journey. The gameplay combines survival, action and investigation mechanics. The developers are planning a Kickstarter campaign in March. I’ll be keeping you up to date with any developments on this project.

Reconciliation by Amy Brock McNew releases on 24th of January. This is a sequel to her Urban Fantasy Rebirth. These books follow the adventures of Liz Brantley, a tough protagonist who has the ability to see demons. There will be a launch party

on the 26th of January. See the description for a link.

David Elija has released the cover of his up-coming novel Albion Academy. The book is expected to be out this month and can currently be pre-orderd from Portals Publishing. In a recent article on Speculative Faith, the author described how, in this book, he is attempting to redeem myths, in fulfillment of the Bible’s command to take every thought captive.

Author Todd Fries has released his book, The Backyard. This is a science fiction story that examines issues of science and religion. The Backyard” is a story about one man’s quest to understand the truth. By combining both the “faith” of science with the “faith” of religion, Nickolas Roshenko will embark on a stellar voyage of discovery, culminating with the ultimate understanding of the universe and the meaning behind the cosmic landscape of space

Well, I hope you had a great Christmas and are settling into the new year.

I’ll see you in February for another bulletin.

As the Klingons would say, Qapla’

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