Jewel of The Stars

Coming September 2017.

For the crew and passengers of the Jewel of the Stars, this was supposed to be just another luxury cruise, but when a hostile force invades and occupies Earth, they are left alone and on the run. Now they must flee into unexplored space and build a self-sufficient community. They are the last remnant of free humans in the galaxy.

Where else would you want to be when the world falls than a flying hotel?

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Jewell Of The Stars is an episodic series. Each season will consist of six episode. Each episode will be a 30,000 word novella. the entire saga will be four seasons.

Here’s a spotify playlist of music that fits the narrative arc of Jewel of the Stars episode 1. Think of it as an unofficial sountrack.

Episode 1: Earth’s Remnant (Pilot)

Captain Les Miller gets more than he bargains for when a hostile alien invasion force sweeps through and occupies Earth in a matter of hours. Now he must become more than a cruise ship captain. Braxon White was forced to leave his post as first officer of the HMAS Hobart, but now he’s gone from passenger to military advisor to a civilian captain. Haylee Scott just wants to keep her family safe, but that may mean risking her life on a dangerous mission to retrieve a cannon from a derelict warship.

Episode 2: Honeymoon’s End

When looting begins on board Jewel of the Stars Captain Miller authorises a risky mission to find supplies on a former Earth colony, but security chief Jaylen Banks soon finds evidence of organised crime. Two young newlyweds struggle to hold on to what’s left of their honeymoon, but it soon becomes evident that the cruise is over.

Jewel Of The Stars Episode 2


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