A Reluctant Assassin by J.C. Morrows – Book Review

A Reluctant Assassin (Order of the MoonStone, #1)A Reluctant Assassin by J.C. Morrows
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This book starts with a great premise. What if Cinderella was an assassin, sent to kill the prince? This book is not so much a re-telling of Cinderella, as it is inspired by it. In fact, the story of Cinderella is mentioned in-world in the story.

The story is set in a future, after the fourth world war. Monarchy is once again a popular form of government.

In order to kill her target, the prince, Kayden must first get close to him. The more she does, the more she begins to question the things she’s been told about him. This becomes the major conflict of the book.

A Reluctant Assassin serves as the first installment into a much larger story, and whets the appetite for what is to come. I would have liked a little more back-story into Kayden, but I believe a special-edition of this book has been published, with additional short stories that will likely serve this purpose well.

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